Ashford University’s Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology


This degree is meant to enhance students’ knowledge and skills to improve learning with technology. Although the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology (MATLT) is not a Master of Arts in Teaching, it is designed to prepare students for working with educational technology applications within an educational setting. It is also offered as an option for corporate trainers or consultants to demonstrate their ability to make informed decisions regarding the use of technology in support of learning and leadership.

Ashford’s MATLT program is not designed to qualify students for teaching licensure in any state; anyone considering applying can check with their state department of education to determine whether the curriculum for this program meets licensing requirements in that jurisdiction. The orientation for this program is incorporating technology in learning environments rather than theories of teaching.

The Curriculum

The details of the program stress the MATLT an option for all sorts of educators, not just classroom teachers. The courses are designed to teach educational practitioners to incorporate technology, tools, and instructional systems in a variety of learning environments including online learning. The initial courses for the program delve into instructional design, the influence of learning theory on technology application, as well as the various technologies available and their application to learning. As with other forms of digital communication, new technologies become obsolete within a matter of months, so learning to keep up with new innovations is a skill in itself.

Courses, such as Instructional Design & Delivery prepare the student for understanding instructional problems, content sequencing, and managing the design of effective instructional materials. Presentation technology has become very popular in the classroom. The course Trends & Issues in Instructional Design & Technology for Online Learning provides the necessary skills and knowledge to design effective instructional materials for use in an online environment.

Courses are delivered one at a time. Each course takes six weeks to complete. There is a capstone project required to complete the program, in which students research a topic related to an educational need, setting, or interest. The final project should demonstrate the student's grasp of educational technology and an ability to be creative with it.