Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Degree Overview

A Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a graduate degree in teaching that benefits teachers of all levels. It allows secondary teachers to focus on their subject in work, then train in pedagogy in a graduate setting. The programs usually are about 30 credit hours and can be completed in two years. Some programs offer an undergraduate degree in combination with a graduate degree. This amounts to a five year program that issues the undergraduate degree in the fourth year and the graduate degree after the fifth year. MAT is different from the Masters in Education because it focuses on teaching only, rather than administrative duties or counseling activities.

What sorts of skills might a student expect to learn with this degree?

Whether the pursuer of a Master of Arts in Teaching has been teaching or not is of little difference because MAT students spend at least a semester in a school student teaching. They become expert in teaching skills. They may also learn skills such as classroom discipline or other specialties like addressing the needs of urban schools. An MAT student learns the theories of learning and practices how to teach according to those theories. They are carefully mentored by experienced teachers and learn their wisdom.

What sorts of careers are common for a person who receives a Master of Arts in Teaching?

Students of the Master of Arts in Teaching usually become teachers. Teachers with a masters degree have better chances for employment and higher salary. Some masters students will continue on and receive a doctorate degree to teach others how to become teachers. However, teaching is one of those trade skills that require experience and mentoring. Some may become involved in developing curriculum rather than teach in a classroom. Generally, MAT students are very well prepared to go straight to the classroom and succeed in teaching successful students.

What types of classes are offered when you get your Master of Arts in Teaching?

Master of Arts in Teaching students will take classes in teaching their subject area. They will also take classes in social contexts of their students and theories of learning. They will probably take classes in integration of all students abilities and levels as well as classes in teaching special populations. There may be classes in cultural context’s affect on learning and on teaching students with limited English speaking ability. Additional classes may include media in the classroom and other teaching resources.

What are the average salaries of a person with a Master of Arts in Teaching?

If the candidate teaches in a public school district, the pay will depend upon that area’s conditions. More urban schools may make more money than rural public schools. Private schools usually offer better salary than public. Overall, teachers with a Master of Arts in Teaching degree are offered a higher entry level salary and better scheduled pay increases. Teachers in secondary schools with a masters degree earn between $35,000 and $55,000.

What are the degree requirements for receiving a Master of Artsin Teaching?

MAT students may be required to take a test such as the GRE as part of the application process. Programs are usually around 30 credit hours. Most Master of Arts in Teaching students spend about two years earning their higher degree. If a student is part time it may take longer that to complete the program. It is well worth the time and money to increase earning and knowledge of teaching. Teachers with a masters degree are better teachers.